South Kesteven District Council Tenancy Agreement

1/ If ANY Hunting Related or Shooting Related Companies, clubs, Tenants or Organizations have access either by agreement, historical rights, or through the payment of a fee, to all SKDC lands that are owned, leased, maintained, leased by SKDC or open public spaces. This can be fox hunting, deer hunting or shooting related businesses (no exclusive listings), private organizations, individuals or tenants, access for which you can also own. The regulator will also complete its own investigation and prepare a report detailing the areas in which the licensee states that the Council`s housing service is not compliant. Karen Bradford, CEO of South Kesteven, said: “As a local authority and owner in social housing, our immediate priority is and remains our tenants. That is why we have commissioned an independent audit and are taking direct action to address the areas highlighted in the report. Earlier this week, city councillors received private information on this matter, before a statement was made yesterday and a letter was sent to tenants on the matter, inviting them to speak to Council if they had any doubts. This issue will also be on the agenda of a Council meeting next week. The city council put up posters throughout the district saying they would build two new recreation centres, one in Stamford and the other in the Deepings. I thought it was ideal that our Council could take the lead and that perhaps other councils could follow suit. Coun Baxter said he knew the city council did not have its construction goals, but “I didn`t know that the most basic security checks and state investigations were being neglected.” Plans to introduce free parking spaces for environmentally friendly cars will be considered this week by a Lincolnshire council.

The Council states that, as social housing landlords, inspections and repairs of its homes are carried out on a routine, with the necessary standards, established by the social housing regulator. The chairman of a Lincolnshire council has apologised after a photo of hims appeared in violation of socialisation guidelines. The housing provider, which has 6,000 council homes across the county, found deficiencies in gas, electricity, Legionnaires` disease, asbestos and fire protection. Opposition councils to the South Kesteven District Council asked him to resign. The homeless rate in Lincolnshire has increased by almost four times since last year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, at least in part, as one Council member said. One council says it “fully expects” to recover the $100,000 cost for the investigative ceremony. South Kesteven District Council restarts committee and council meetings, which can be followed online by the public. Council was also criticized for the fact that older residents of a Grantham residential complex were free of sufficient hot water and heating.